The Alianza de Familiares Víctimas de la Represión (Alfavic Venezuela) performed its first national meeting in April in an effort to strengthen itself as an organization of family members claiming for the truth, justice and redress. With that same purpose, towards the end of June, the organization of Family Members of Victims Killed in Public Security Operations, Orfavideh, held its first national meeting.

These two events are extremely relevant in the fight defending human rights and seeking justice. Families of people murdered by police officers and military agents in different contexts have organized themselves in order to increase their action capacity against impunity.

Venezuela has a huge justice debt due to the serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity perpetrated in the country. Advancing towards establishing the truth, determination of responsibilities and sanctions require listening to the voices and demands of the victims’ families and incorporating them into the processes so that justice isn’t just a dream, but a reality.

In the context of the current crisis in Venezuela, human rights organizations maintain a continuous effort to record and document the systematic violations of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the population in order to accompany the victims and give visibility to these violations before the national and international community.

In this sense, the Crisis in Venezuela bulletin emerges as a weekly space in which, as a human rights movement, we bring together the situations that currently reflect the humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is going through.

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