We need your personal and economic effort to strengthen our work. Below, we show you different options that we offer so that you can collaborate with us.

To cooperate with Provea is to assist in the defense and promotion of human rights in Venezuela:

  • Share: Disseminate the contents of this website, and the rest of our social networks, to your family, friends and acquaintances.
  • Support: Attend the different events convened by Provea and the rest of the human rights organizations.
  • Denounce: If you are a victim or witness of any human rights violation, contact us to give your testimony. If you wish, we process your complaint while keeping your identity safe.
  • Become a part of PROVEA: Anyone who defends the rights of another person becomes a human rights defender. Contact us to help you become part of the family of Venezuelan human rights defenders.
  • Network: If you are part of a community, a religious or academic center, or any social organization, let’s think together about how to promote the values of human dignity.

Volunteer work

  • More contents for this website.
  • Transcription of books and documents to increase online publications.
  • Elaboration of a general directory.
  • Orderly transcription of the directory of people and institutions with their addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Basic research.
  • Elaboration of the basic theoretical-methodological frameworks of each of the rights we research in Provea.
  • Systematization of national jurisprudence.
  • Review and record relevant national jurisprudence in the field of human rights, especially related to economic, social and cultural rights.

Financial support

  • Program to strengthen the culture of human rights in Venezuela.
  • Internship project for university students in human rights organizations. This project will train 25 university students in the field of human rights, allowing them to broaden their field of action in this area and to acquire a broad cultural background.

Provea has an important collection of books and documents on Human Rights. We wish to classify and digitalize the bibliographic files to offer this service in our facilities and on the Internet. We need resources to pay for the acquisition of furniture, salaries and basic expenses. Likewise, we need other books on human rights to complete our collection.

Provea develops defense actions to benefit the victims of human rights violations and to avoid the repetition of these happenings. The cases imply costs (transportation of victims, photocopies, public actions, tests and technical examinations) that often exceed the institutional possibilities. This fund will support legal and political action to ensure that cases take a favorable course.

The tasks we perform at Provea require financing to cover operating expenses and to strengthen our technical infrastructure. We need economic contributions that allow us to renew and maintain our institution over time. This type of assistance is channeled through the Funding Project for operating expenses and our own contributions.