Caracas, may 18th 2022 | The individuals and civil society organizations subscribing to this statement reject the bill entitled “International Cooperation Law” for the following reasons:

The complex humanitarian emergency that has affected Venezuela since 2015 has wreaked havoc on all the basic needs of the population, which has also had to face the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic. Two examples are the millions of people experiencing food insecurity in the country and the 6.1 million Venezuelans who have had to leave their homes due to the crisis, according to the R4V platform.

In this context, the National Assembly presented a bill that, if approved, would have even more devastating consequences for the most vulnerable people and Venezuelan civil society, by denying access to the support offered by the international community to the capacities of protection, assistance and development of the population in economic, social, civil and humanitarian matters, a human right established in international treaties signed by the country, which can alleviate and help overcome the massive and multiple deprivations that the country is currently facing.

This bill seeks to reinterpret the definition of international cooperation from the ideological, political and/or economic interests of the national government, omitting essential concepts such as human rights and humanitarian aid. At the same time, there is a clear intention to control and punish any person or organization that does not submit to this interpretation, which includes the entire national civil society and international organizations. Including the possibility of annulling the obligations and commitments of the State in agreements with international cooperation organizations in case the latter fail to suit the purposes of the bill.

Seeing that the State has ample norms and legal instruments to act in matters of international cooperation, this bill does not intend to regulate the matter rather than transfer the prerogative to the government, which implies being the sole responsible for receiving, transferring and exchanging human resources, goods, services, funding and technology from the cooperation agencies, and make use of them following the priorities and discretionary criteria of the National Executive Branch, through the creation of a fund under its administration that would raise, lend and manage the resources coming from or dedicated to international cooperation.

The bill establishes a new system of authorization or State enablement especially aimed at national civil society and international organizations, including all NGOs, trade unions, academic institutions and all private law associations that participate in international cooperation activities. In addition to the civil and fiscal registration that associations already comply with, the proposed “compulsory registration integrated system” would be the mechanism through which the government reserves the recognition of associations as possible recipients or participants in activities of international cooperation.

In violation of all the guarantees for the protection of the rights of associations and their target populations, the bill also creates a new system of sanctions specifically aimed at national civil society, with the power to “prohibit, suspend, restrict or definitively eliminate” any association that, under the discretion of the Executive, is considered to promote or participate directly or indirectly in activities contrary to the interests of the government, and establishes evaluations that determine the application of these sanctions.

The bill further adds that, regardless of being authorized or enabled through the new registration system, any association that participates in international cooperation must provide information to public authorities or to any person on their constitutive documentation, statutes, and activities, as well as the origin, administration, and destination of the resources of the cooperation, with detailed specification of its sources of funding, and be subject to possible audits by the authorities.

To the detriment of the Venezuelan population, this bill violates the standards of international cooperation and the rights of civil society to exercise the freedoms of association, peaceful assembly, expression, the right to defend human rights and the initiative to provide humanitarian assistance, and takes a decisive step towards the closure of the sources of cooperation for the country’s development and humanitarian assistance, as a continuation of a policy of arbitrary restrictions on the capacities of international organizations to support the population, and criminalization and persecution of civil society organizations, ignoring all the recommendations issued by international protection bodies. (

Likewise, we must point out that Venezuelan civil society has made multiple proposals to the National Executive to improve and control international cooperation processes; however, we have not received a timely response to create the mechanisms that genuinely facilitate this work and have the people in need as their main objective.

Based on the above, we reject the start of the discussion of this bill and its possible approval, in consideration that:

a) Instead of rectifying the State policies of arbitrary restriction of access to international cooperation, for which a law is not required rather than complying with the obligations of the State to guarantee the rights to protection, assistance to the urgent needs of large population groups in a vulnerable condition, and support for the economic and social development of the country, the approval of this bill would cause the end of cooperation to Venezuelan society and its suffocation, bringing more deprivation and suffering.

b) Contrary to the obligations of the State to guarantee the rights to freedom of association, peaceful assembly, expression, the defense of human rights and the initiative to provide humanitarian assistance under the existing norms of domestic and international law, the approval of this bill would become a new mechanism to criminalize, persecute and outlaw associations in retaliation for the autonomous and independent exercise of these rights and to close civic space in Venezuela.

c) The bill ignores the interdependence and interrelation of the human rights enshrined in the National Constitution, by conceiving international cooperation only in terms of the defense of some of the economic, social and cultural rights. In addition, considering that the State is committed to the progressive realization of said rights to the extent of its capacities, their reduction by means of the arbitrary limitation of international cooperation constitutes in itself a violation of the human rights of the Venezuelan people.

d) The right to free association is being violated through the creation of an authorization process in addition to the due registration and formation of organizations as legal persons. Furthermore, the obligation to provide information “to any citizen who requests it” on the activities of said organizations endangers their functioning, violates the right to privacy and, in certain cases, the right to the confidentiality of the victims of human rights violations, patients receiving medical treatment, etc.

e) The creation of punitive measures against organizations that act according to the vague criterion of “…promoting, directly or indirectly, the application of unilateral coercive measures against the Republic”, without indicating 1) the definition of such acts; 2) the judicial instance tasked with these matters, and 3) the existence of a mechanism of appeal, violates the right to defense and due process.

Finally, civil society organizations warn once again about the damage that the approval of this bill can bring to the Venezuelan population in greatest need, and demand respect for our work.


  1. AC Acción Campesina
  2. AC Amigos de Sotillo 
  3. AC Asamblea de Educación 
  4. AC Banauge
  5. AC Casa del Nuevo Pueblo 
  6. AC Cedice Libertad 
  8. AC Centro Campesino El Convite
  9. AC Centro de Investigación Social 
  10. AC Concentroccidente del Grupo Social Cesap
  11. AC Conciencia Ciudadana 
  13. AC El Rincón Caripito 
  14. AC Escuela de Cine y Televisión 
  15. AC Gerencia y Gobernabilidad
  16. AC José Gregorio Hernández 
  17. AC Kape Kape
  18. AC La Choza del Espíritu Santo 
  19. AC Las Carolinas 
  20. AC Luna Nueva
  21. AC Médicos Unidos De Venezuela 
  22. AC Nuevo Amanecer 
  23. AC Poza Azul 
  24. AC Radar de los Barrios
  25. AC Red De Casas Don Bosco
  26. AC Reforma Judicial
  27. AC Salud y Familia
  28. AC San Rafael 
  29. AC Venezuela Igualitaria
  30. Acceso a la Justicia 
  31. Acceso Libre
  32. Acción En Positivo 
  33. Acción por Venezuela
  34. Acción Solidaria
  35. ACOANA
  36. Aconvida 
  37. Activados Panamá
  38. Agencia Cojedeña de Investigación 
  39. Alerta Venezuela
  40. Aliadas en Cadena
  41. Alianza de Familiares de Víctimas en Venezuela (ALFAVICVZLA)
  42. Alianza lambda de Venezuela asociación civil
  43. Alianza Venezolana por la Salud
  44. Alimenta la Solidaridad
  45. AMBAR Asociación Civil
  46. América Diversa Inc
  47. American Development Association in Europe (ADAE) 
  48. Amigos Trasplantados de Venezuela 
  49. Amnistía Internacional
  50. Aprendiendo a ser positivo 
  53. Aquí Cabemos Todos
  54. Arboreus Derechos Humanos
  55. Asociación Churún Merú de Venezuela 
  56. Asociación Cauce
  57. Asociación Civil Caciques ASOCICA
  58. Asociación Civil Centro de Desarrollo Integral Sucre.
  59. Asociación Civil Ciudadanía Diversa 
  60. Asociación Civil de Buena Voluntad
  61. Asociación Civil Ecológica y Social Chunikai
  62. Asociación Civil El Paragüero
  63. Asociación Civil Esperanza Joven
  64. Asociación Civil Fomentando Alegría y Bienestar Infantil
  65. Asociación Civil Fuerza, Unión, Justicia, Solidaridad y Paz (FUNPAZ) 
  66. Asociación Civil Gente del Petróleo
  67. Asociación civil Impulso Vital Aragua Aciva 
  68. Asociación Civil Juntos por Caroní
  69. Asociación Civil Justicia y Paz OP Venezuela
  70. Asociación Civil las Carolinas
  71. Asociación Civil los Naguaritos
  72. Asociación Civil Más Ciudadanos
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  • 133.Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
  • 134.Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Metropolitana 
  • 135.Centro de Documentación en Derechos Humanos “Segundo Montes Mozo S.J”
  • 136.Centro de Estudios de la Cooperación
  • 137.Centro de Estudios Sociales y Culturales CENSO-C
  • 138.Centro de Formación para la Democracia CFD
  • 139.Centro de Investigación Social Formación y Estudios de la Mujer (CISFEM)
  • 140.Centro de Justicia y Paz – Cepaz 
  • 141.Centro de Políticas Públicas y Derechos Humanos – Perú EQUIDAD
  • 142.Centro de Resolución de Conflictos del Colegio de Abogados del Estado Lara
  • 143.Centro Hispanoamericano para la Mujer FREYA
  • 144.Centro Nuevo Pueblo 
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  • 166.Comisión de DDHH de la Federación de Colegios de Abogados de Táchira
  • 167.Comisión de DDHH de la Federación de Colegios de Abogados de Mérida
  • 168.Comisión de DDHH de la Federación de Colegios de Abogados de Monagas
  • 169.Comisión de DDHH de la Federación de Colegios de Abogados de Lara
  • 170.Comisión de DDHH de la Federación de Colegios de Abogados de Guárico
  • 171.Comisión de Derechos Humanos COMISEDH 
  • 172.Comisión de Derechos Humanos de Ica
  • 173.Comisión de DDHH de la Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Políticas de LUZ
  • 174.Comisión de Derechos Humanos de Pucallpa
  • 175.Comisión de Solidaridad Desarrollo y Justicia COSDEJ 
  • 176.Comisión Mexicana de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos 
  • 177.Comisión para los Derechos Humanos del Estado Zulia (CODHEZ)
  • 178.Comisión para los Derechos Humanos y la Ciudadanía (CODEHCIU) 
  • 179.Comité de Ayuda y Libertad Valera Sur
  • 180.Comité de DDHH para la Defensa de Pensionados, Jubilados, Adultos Mayores y Personas con Discapacidad
  • 181.Comité de derechos humanos de la Guajira 
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  • 332.Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo (ICD)
  • 333.Instituto de DDHH de la Asociación Mundial de Juristas
  • 334.Instituto de Investigaciones de la Comunicación, ININCO UCV
  • 335.Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UCAB
  • 336.Instituto de Promoción y Educación Popular
  • 337.Instituto Mead de Venezuela AC 
  • 338.Instituto Venezolano de Estudios Sociales y Políticos-INVESP
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  • 343.Justicia Encuentro y Perdón 
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  • 389.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia 
  • 390.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia Amazonas
  • 391.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia Aragua
  • 392.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia Carabobo
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  • 397.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia Táchira
  • 398.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia Trujillo
  • 399.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia Zulia
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  • 401.Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Vicariato Apostólico de Puerto Ayacucho 
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  • 405.ONG El Despertar Ciudadano
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  • 436.Red de Organizaciones de Derechos Humanos de Anzoátegui REDHANZ
  • 437.Red de Organizaciones Vecinales de Baruta
  • 438.Red de Participación Ciudadana y Control Social
  • 439.Red de Vecinos de Naguanagua
  • 440.Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe por la Democracia, Redlad
  • 441.Red Naranja
  • 442.Red Rosa
  • 443.Red Vecinal
  • 444.Redac
  • 445.RedesAyuda
  • 446.Red por los DDHH de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes (REDHNNA)
  • 447.Resonalia
  • 448.Revista Sur
  • 449.RVG+ Venezuela 
  • 450.Save My Identity
  • 451.SEA. Sociedad en Acción
  • 452.Sembrando Valores y Esperanza
  • 453.Senosalud 
  • 454.SenosAyuda A.C 
  • 455.Servicio Internacional para los Derechos Humanos (ISHR) 
  • 456.Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados 
  • 457.Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados LAC
  • 458.Sindicato Unitario Nacional de Empleados Públicos de Inparques (SUNEP)
  • 459.Sinergia
  • 460.Sociedad Civil Activa Mérida
  • 461.Sociedad Civil Aquí se habla legal 
  • 462.Sociedad Hominis Iura (SOHI)
  • 463.Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales S.V.C.N
  • 464.Sociedad Venezolana para Niños y Adultos Autistas 
  • 466.SOS Pacientes Renales
  • 469.The Kota Alliance
  • 470.Todos Ciudadanos 
  • 471.Todos por el Futuro 
  • 472.Transparencia Venezuela 
  • 473.ULA MUJER
  • 474.Un Mundo Sin Mordaza
  • 475.Una Mano Para Monagas
  • 476.Una Ventana a la Libertad 
  • 477.Uniandes A.C.
  • 478.UNICRISTIANA de Venezuela 
  • 479.Unidad Democrática San Francisco 
  • 480.Unidad Houston 
  • 481.Unidos Sin Fronteras
  • 482.Uniendo voluntades
  • 483.Unión Afirmativa
  • 484.Unión Vecinal para la Participación Ciudadana AC 
  • 485.Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
  • 486.Uquira
  • 487.Urgent Action for Democracy and Development, UADD
  • 488.VENEMEX 
  • 489.Venezolanos del Área de la Bahía de San Francisco 
  • 490.Venezolanos en Barranquilla
  • 491.Venezolanos en Santa Marta 
  • 492.Venezuela Diversa 
  • 493.Venezuela en Baviera e.V. 
  • 494.Venezuela Global
  • 495.Venezuela Sin Barreras Sociales
  • 496.Voces Que Suman
  • 497.Voces Vitales de Venezuela
  • 498.Voto joven
  • 499.Watunna Venezuela 
  • 500.Zona de Descarga ONG


  1. Adelba Taffin 
  2. Adrián Torres Marcano
  3. Adriana Carrillo
  4. Alberto Barrera Tyszka
  5. Alecia López
  6. Alejandra Domínguez
  7. Alejandra Rossel
  8. Alex Armando Rodriguez Prada 
  9. Alexander Tirado 
  10. Alfonso Molina
  11. Alida Hernández
  12. Allan R. Brewer-Carias
  13. Alma Esther Durán
  14. Ana Fernández
  15. Ana María Diez 
  16. Ana Teresa Vielma Mendoza
  17. Andrés Coba
  18. Ángel Campos
  19. Ángel Zambrano Cobo
  20. Angeyeimar Gil
  21. Antonio Clavier Caraballo
  22. Antonio Machado Allison 
  23. Antonio Perdomo
  24. Astrid Gómez
  25. Barbara Bracho
  26. Beatriz Borges
  27. Beatriz Cisneros A.
  28. Beatriz Salas
  29. Bernardino Herrera León 
  30. Bernardo A Rotundo P
  31. Bismark Ortiz Rondón
  32. Blanca Chirivella
  33. Blanca Martorell 
  34. Caren Yovera 
  35. Carlos David Carrasco Muro
  36. Carlos Nieto Palma
  37. Carlos Patiño
  38. Carmen Alguindigue
  39. Carmen Martínez
  40. Carmen Ruiz 
  41. Cecilia Sprecace
  42. César Bátiz
  43. Cristina D’ Avolio 
  44. Cristyn Quiroz
  45. Damary del Carmen Avendaño Pérez
  46. Daniel Garcías-Peña
  47. Daniel Mota Marrero
  48. Daniel Sánchez 
  49. Daniela Jaimes 
  50. Daniela Lara
  51. Daniela Martínez
  52. Daniela Martucci
  53. Deborah Van Berkel
  54. Deibis Mota Marrero
  55. Deibys González 
  56. Dexy González
  57. Diana Corrie 
  58. Dorik Fragosa B
  59. Douglas Morales 
  60. Eddy Timaure
  61. Edgar López
  62. Eduardo Torres
  63. Edward Ocariz
  64. Elías Rincón Aguirre 
  65. Elsi Jiménez
  66. Emma Salazar
  67. Engels Puertas
  68. Enrique ter Horst
  69. Fatima De Oliveira 
  70. Fátima Devia
  71. Feliciano Reyna Ganteaume
  72. Fernando Coromoto Filindro Zapata
  73. Franci Sánchez Zambrano
  74. Francisco González Cruz
  75. Freddy Kelly 
  76. Gabriel Hernández
  77. Gabriela Buada Blondell
  78. Génesis Millán
  79. Geraldine Abreu 
  80. German Novelli
  81. Germán Pírela 
  82. Gipsy Gómez 
  83. Gloria Salazar-Lermont
  84. Gregorio Salazar 
  85. Griselda Ferrara
  86. Guillermo Ascanio
  87. Gustavo Barrios Morales
  88. Haydee Deutsch
  89. Héctor Manuel Coraspe
  90. Héctor Torres
  91. Henrique Arévalo
  92. Íñigo Narvaiza
  93. Iraida Manzanilla
  94. Iraida Romero
  95. Iris Terán 
  96. Isabel Zerpa 
  97. Joanna Peñalver
  98. Joaquín Arévalo 
  99. Joaquín Benítez
  100. Jordana Ayala
  • 101.José Alfredo Contreras Bermúdez
  • 102.José Bravo 
  • 103.José David González 
  • 104.José Gerardo Chacón Moreno
  • 105.José Gregorio Fernández Barreto 
  • 106.José Gregorio Vivas Ramírez 
  • 107.Jose Ismael Pérez Vigil
  • 108.Jose Montoya
  • 109.Jose Mota
  • 110.Josefa Márquez de Cordero 
  • 111.Josefina Villegas
  • 112.Juan C. Acevedo
  • 113.Juan Carderera
  • 114.Juan José Cárdenas 
  • 115.Juderkis Aguilar
  • 116.Judith C. Vega Mejia
  • 117.Judith León 
  • 118.Julia Cuadros
  • 119.Julieta Camejo
  • 120.Julio César Fernández Toro 
  • 121.Julio Nucete
  • 122.Karem Rojas 
  • 123.Karla Carrión
  • 124.Laudelina Romero
  • 125.Laura Louza
  • 126.Leticia Chirinos
  • 127.Lexys Rendon
  • 128.Lilia Carrillo
  • 129.Liliana Kleinner 
  • 130.Liliana Peña
  • 131.Liliana Rodríguez OP
  • 132.Linda Loaiza López
  • 133.Lisnel Hernández
  • 134.Lissette González
  • 135.Lorena Liendo Rey 
  • 136.Lucía Losada
  • 137.Lucio Augusto Segovia Van Berkel 
  • 138.Luis Alberto Durán 
  • 139.Luis Alfonso Herrera R
  • 140.Luis Guevara
  • 141.Luis Hidalgo Parisca
  • 142.Luisa Pernalete 
  • 143.Luisa Rodríguez Táriba 
  • 144.Luisabeth Pernalete
  • 145.Luisana Saturno
  • 146.Luisangela Estrada
  • 147.Luz del Socorro Ramírez
  • 148.Macarena González 
  • 149.Magaly Huggins
  • 150.María A. Correa Martín
  • 151.Maria Alejandra Ramos
  • 152.Maria Ana Aristeguieta
  • 153.Maria Carolina
  • 154.Maria de Lourdes Ríos de Chiossone
  • 155.María del Rosario Méndez Rivas
  • 156.María Delgado de Ferrer
  • 157.María Edicta
  • 158.María Eugenia Vivas
  • 159.María Fernanda Madriz
  • 160.María Gabriela Hernández Del Castillo 
  • 161.María Inmaculada Hurtado
  • 162.María Luisa Campos 
  • 163.María Mercedes Diez Negrillo
  • 164.María Nino 
  • 165.María Nuria De Cesaris 
  • 166.María T Graells 
  • 167.María T Pérez 
  • 168.María Virginia Santana Álvarez 
  • 169.Mariana León
  • 170.Mariana Rojas
  • 171.Marianela Balbi
  • 172.Marianella Melgarejo 
  • 173.Maribel Escalante
  • 174.Mariela Salazar Chacín
  • 175.Martha Tineo
  • 176.Maximiliano José Briceño Conde
  • 177.Mayra Medina 
  • 178.Mibelis Acevedo Donís
  • 179.Michelle Rando
  • 180.Mildred Rojas
  • 181.Miriam Morales Marín
  • 182.Mirza Pulgar 
  • 183.Morelia Flores de Blanco
  • 184.Morella Alvarado Miquilena
  • 185.Morella Ramírez
  • 186.Nadeska Noriega 
  • 187.Nathalie Alvaray
  • 188.Nelson Quiñones
  • 189.Neri Marrero
  • 190.Néstor Alexander Rivas
  • 191.Nestor Altuve
  • 192.Niurka Torrealba 
  • 193.Norkys Josefina Salcedo 
  • 194.Norma Delgado
  • 195.Nubia Blanco peña
  • 196.Ofelia Pérez Figueroa 
  • 197.Olga Villasmil
  • 198.Olinda Belandria Carrero
  • 199.Orlando Mujica
  • 200.Oscar Calles
  • 201.Pablo Abraham
  • 202.Patrícia Herrera 
  • 203.Patricia Parra Hurtado
  • 204.Paula Rangel Barroeta
  • 205.Pedro González Caro
  • 206.Pedro Hernández
  • 207.Pedro Luis Echeverria
  • 208.Pedro Rivas
  • 209.Prissila A. Solórzano
  • 210.Raiza Ramirez Pino 
  • 211.Raquel Sánchez
  • 212.Raul Alberto Casanova-Ostos
  • 213.Raúl Cubas
  • 214.Raúl Herrera
  • 215.Raúl Pulido
  • 216.Rechazo ese proyecto de ley
  • 217.Ricardo Tirado
  • 218.Rigoberto Lobo Puentes 
  • 219.Rocío San Miguel 
  • 220.Rosa Orozco
  • 221.Rubén Hurtado M
  • 222.Rubén Mendoza
  • 223.Sandy Zambrano
  • 224.Sanny Landaeta Millán
  • 225.Silvana Peñuela
  • 226.Simón Gómez Guaimara
  • 227.Soleidy Toro
  • 228.Teresa Velásquez
  • 229.Valeria Abreu
  • 230.Vanesa Riera
  • 231.Verónica Badell
  • 232.Víctor H. Rodríguez C. 
  • 233.Víctor Hernández Mendible
  • 234.Víctor Perdomo Poleo 
  • 235.Víctor Velásquez 
  • 236.Victory Torres
  • 237.Wilbert González Llovera
  • 238.William Requejo Orobio 
  • 239.William Reyes
  • 240.Yaya Andueza
  • 241.Yendri Velásquez
  • 242.Yira Yoyotte 
  • 243.Yliana Useche
  • 244.Yudennis Sánchez 
  • 245.Yulayca Briceño
  • 246.Yuraima Velásquez
  • 247.Zacarias Holland
  • 248.Zandra González 
  • 249.Zobella Orasma
  • 250.Zulay Salcedo

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