Within the framework of the Human Rights research series, Provea presents this work prepared by the economist Manuel Sutherland, in which the impact of the economic sanctions imposed on the de facto government of Nicolás Maduro is analyzed.

In this research, the author explores the nature of the economic crisis that crosses the country and analyzes whether the crisis is the cause of the sanctions, its consequence or nothing has to do with each other. Likewise, it delves into the possibility that the crisis may be aggravated by the sanctions and if these actually cause a positive political impact in the country, if they facilitate political change or if they cause important social regressions that harm the democratic future.

Sutherland insists on the difficulties to investigate and analyze the economic reality of the country, in the middle of a scenario of official opacity, absence of indicators and a discourse that from the power tries to hide a situation that profoundly affects the quality of life of all Venezuelans.

With this new research, Provea aims to continue contributing to the debate, the documentation of the Venezuelan reality and the construction of proposals to get out of the dramatic crisis that we are currently suffering.

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